Here is a series of “MINI COURSE” about Sales Funnel Optimization and let’s dive deep into the topic as below:

  • Day 1 – Sales funnels are not the same as content funnels
  • Day 2 – Why do people confuse sales funnels with content funnels?
  • Day 3 – Optimizing a content funnel is very different from optimizing a sales funnel
  • Day 4 – People lose track of what they’re converting for and that’s why they struggle
  • Day 5 – Why is the “build it and they will come” mindset so prevalent and fatal?
  • Day 6 – What To Look For When Trying To Convert A Customer
  • Day 7 – Pre-Qualify You Traffic To Earn More Money Online
  • Day 8 – Effective Sales Funnels Do A Good Job Pre-Qualifying And Filtering Their Traffic
  • Day 9 – Effective Sales Funnels Produce A Complete Picture For Prospective Buyers
  • Day 10 – If You Want To Make Money Online You Have To Understand That Not Everybody Is Going To Buy From You

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