Delving Into Relaxing Music Chapter 1:

Using Music To Relieve Stress And Tension

Utilizing music for healing and relaxation is nothing new and in the
stressful times that we now live relaxing music may be a great tool to
bring us joy, energy, comfort and calm.

The modern world that we live in perpetually bombards us with
situations that cause stress. A certain amount is good for us, but
overmuch – particularly if it’s day in and day out – may cause us both
emotional and physical troubles.

However, there’s a really simple, cheap and very effective answer –
music. Music is an awesome healer. It is so powerful that relaxation
music is utilized by hospitals across the world to reduce anxiousness
in patients who are about to go into surgery. It has the power to
comfort and relax you, to change your whole mood, and increase your
energy state.

Frequently, music therapy is more cost-effective than administering
medication, particularly for patients with anxiety, sleep disturbances
or pain. Listening to music with a pace of 60 bpm has the most health
benefits. This is the optimum rate for a resting heart, and you’ll find
that when you listen to music of this tempo your breathing will slow
in time to the music. This successively will slow your pulse,
promoting a calm, meditative state.

With all the ways music affects your body, you are able to likely
already clearly see how music may be utilized as an effective
relaxation and stress management tool. In addition to the many
physical changes that music may bring, music is particularly helpful
in relaxation and stress management as it may be used in the
following ways:

Music and Physical Relaxation: Music may promote relaxation of
tense muscles, enabling you to easily release some of the tension you
bear from a stressful day or week.

Music as an Aid in Stress Relief actions: Music may help you get ‘into
the zone’ when practicing yoga, self hypnosis or guided imagery, may
help you feel energized when exercising, help dissolve the stress when
you’re soaking in the tub, and be a helpful part of a lot of other stress
relief activities. It may take an effective stress reliever and make it
even more effective!

Music and a Meditative State: As mentioned earlier, music may help
your brain get into a meditative state, which carries wonderful stress
relief advantages with it. For those who find meditation intimidating,
music may be an easier alternative.

Music to Promote a Positive Focus: Music, particularly upbeat tunes,
may take your mind off what stresses you, and help you feel more
optimistic and positive. This helps expel stress and may even help you
keep from getting as stressed over life’s little frustrations in the

Music and Affirmations: The way you see the world and the type of
self-talk you routinely utilize may also have a profound effect on your
stress level, which is why positive affirmations that produce more
positive self talk are so helpful. Music that has affirming lyrics may

bring the double benefit of music and positive affirmations, helping
you to surround yourself with positive energy and more frequently
look on the bright side, letting stressful events more easily roll off
your back.

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